Here is a sample with spreadsheets:
Diane Akey was a long term primary teacher in the Surrey School District. Here are some examples from her work with primary students
Graphing May Temperatures

Second graders learned the difference between *daily* high and low temperatures and *average* high and low temperatures. After accessing weather data for May from the Internet, students organized the data into a spreadsheet and then made a line graph.


Here is another sample
To add text or numbers to a cell in the spreadsheet, click in that cell. Type in the information. Your typing will appear in the text window under the menu bar. When you hit return it will appear in the cell.

After entering your data, highlight the information you want shown on your graph. Then go to Options in the menu bar and drag down to Make Chart. Choose the type of graph you want to make.

It's that easy to make a graph! Have fun!
Spreadsheets can also be used for making Data Retrieval Charts. You can adjust the size of the cells -width and height. See lesson on Using Spreadsheets for Data RetrievalCharts.

This Lesson idea was taken from
Joanne Goodwin, Technology Resource Teacher