Sharing Learning can happen in many ways. Using a digital camera and iMovie, here is a Grade 2 Science example. This was completed with Marion Iberg's class at Hillcrest Elementary.

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This second example is from my Grade 7 class a couple of years. Students were charged with creating posters of learning. This one relates to CaPP curriculum at the time.

You tube is a great place to share learning. My 4 and 6 year old daughters saw me creating a sample and decide to create their own movies. Granted I helped them with some of the technical side, they had to plan their movie, act it out, import the photos, and do the voice overlays. Here is what you children can produce to express themself.

Sharing can even be very simple. Students can create their work and then have a gallery walk (touring the screens in the class). As an extension writing activity, you can even have them fill out 'guest books'