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Color Tessellation Tips

AppleWorks is a program that is most commonly used for word processing and an occasional data base or spreadsheet. With a few tips, it will be quite easy to complete the directions given on the AppleWorks & Tessellation pages.

The following directions are not intended to be a complete guide for AppleWorks, but reminders to use with a class where the primary objective is to use the painting tools of AppleWorks to tessellate in color.

Step-by-step directions to a class.

Make a new file - select "painting" as the type of file.

Holding the shift key with one hand, draw a square (it will fill it with the color that was selected).
How to draw a square.
- select the rectangle tool
- hold the "shift " key and draw
- you will notice that with the shift key pressed you cannot make a rectangle, only a square.
Select the lasso.

How to use the lasso.
- select the lasso tool.
- move the mouse so that the lasso is positioned at the beginning of what you would like to move
- click and with the mouse pressed down, move through the area of selection.
- once you have completed the loop, release (be careful not to click!)
- the area selected will be blinking

Using the lasso tool, start at the top corner, and move down and go out the bottom corner of the square. A selection of the square will be selected.
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Do this again, only go from the top to the bottom.
What does it look like? Use the pencil, and paint tools to decorate your shape. Be carefull not to go outside of the shape.
Use the lasso and position the shape up higher on the page. Hold option, slide the copied shape to the side.
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Now, use the lasso and the option key to copy one shape and move it to join up to the other coloured shape. Using the lasso, hold "option" down and "copy" by sliding one shape to the side. Lasso the other coloured shape, hold "option" down, slide it off and fit it into position against the other shape. Keep moving and sliding the shapes to create your Tessalation.
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